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Double jacketed kettle

Introducing the Double Jacketed Kettle by InnoFarms – a pinnacle of innovation in food processing. Our meticulously engineered kettle offers exceptional precision and efficiency for your culinary needs.

Designed with a dual-layered structure, our double jacketed kettle ensures uniform heating and precise temperature control, allowing you to cook, simmer, and process with exacting results. Whether you're producing sauces, soups, jams, or other culinary delights, our kettle provides the ideal environment for consistent, high-quality outcomes.

InnoFarms takes pride in delivering advanced solutions that elevate food processing standards. With our Double Jacketed Kettle, you gain a reliable partner that's perfect for both small-scale and industrial operations. Experience the future of food processing with InnoFarms and unleash your culinary creativity with confidence. Discover the superior performance of our Double Jacketed Kettle today.

Product Specifications
Capacity : 500 L
Material of construction : SS 304
Dimension : 1340 x 960 x 960 mm
Power : 6.37 kW, 50 Hz, 3-phase
Weight : 205 kg

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