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InnoFarms, SNL Innovations Pvt Ltd

where we revolutionize the fruits and vegetable processing industry. With a focus on innovation and excellence, we bring you advanced technologies that optimize efficiency, elevate product quality, and promote sustainability. Our tailored solutions cater to your unique business needs, ensuring increased productivity and premium results. Partner with us and step into a world of possibilities, where cutting-edge solutions drive success and a greener future. Join industry visionaries in shaping tomorrow's processing landscape. Experience the InnoFarms advantage and unlock the true potential of fruits and vegetable processing.

Mobile aseptic Unit
Mobile Aseptic Processing Unit
greater than 1000 tons of fruits processed
>1000 Tons of Fruit Processed
sustainable environment
faster ROI
Faster ROI
From Farm to Pulp, Freshness you can Trust

Key Features

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Aseptic Fruit Pulp

Aseptic fruit pulp is processed fruit product that has been sterilized and packaged in a way that prevents spoilage. It is made from fresh, ripe fruit that is washed, pulped, and then heated to a high temperature for a short period of time. This process kills any harmful bacteria or microorganisms that could cause spoilage.

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Naturally Ripened

Our naturally ripened fruit pulp bursts with pure, authentic flavors. No artificial ripening, just nature's perfect timing, delivering peak sweetness, vibrant colour, and the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Indulge guilt-free in healthy deliciousness, straight from the orchards and farms

Mango Pulp

Consistent Quality

From vibrant colors and smooth textures to perfect sweetness and optimal nutritional value, each batch meet our rigorous standards. We meticulously source mature fruits, implementing standardized processing and conduct through quality checks.

Apple Pulp

Shelf life of 18 month

It retains more of the fruit’s fresh flavour, colour, and nutrients because it is not subjected to high heat for long periods of time. It has a longer shelf- life, typically 18 months at ambient room temperature, which makes it a convenient and versatile ingredient for food and beverage manufacturers.

mix fruits

Higher brix

Savor naturally concentrated sweetness! Our fruit pulp boasts a higher Brix level, meaning naturally riper fruit and more intense flavor without additives. Experience the difference: tangier citrus, richer berries, and deeper, more satisfying taste.

Our Clients

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Why Us

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Wide Range Of Products

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