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1 TPD Aseptic Unit

Welcome to InnoFarms' Aseptic Unit – a paradigm-shifting solution poised to revolutionize product preservation and quality assurance. A small scale 150kg/hr processing plant to cater to small batch sizes without compromising on quality.

Crafted to Surpass Industry Pinnacles

Our solution stands ready to elevate a spectrum of applications, from beverages to dairy and sauces, with the prowess of advanced aseptic technology.

Unleashing the Power of Preservation

Harnessing the prowess of preservation, our Aseptic Unit confers a dual advantage – it prolongs shelf life while meticulously preserving the sensory attributes that define your product.

Embrace the Future of Preservation

Venture into the horizon of preservation technology with InnoFarms. Let our Aseptic Unit stand as your vanguard, championing the longevity of your products and the unshakable confidence of your consumers.

Costumize according to your need, can be factory/farm mounted or can be a mobile processing plant on the back of a truck.


Introducing a Pioneer: The First Farm-to-Customer Backtracking Platform

Strawberry pulp
Aseptic pulp bag with complete traceability

In a groundbreaking stride for the agricultural technology sector, we proudly unveil our innovative Backtracking Platform. This visionary creation bridges the divide between farm and customer, forging an unbroken thread of transparency throughout the supply chain. With an unflinching focus on revolutionizing agritech, our platform stands as a remarkable achievement, a first-of-its-kind testament to the synergy of Farms and Factories.

Product specification
Capacity : 1 ton per day
Material of construction : SS 304
Dimension : 20' X 8' X 8'
Power : 
kW, 3-phase/Single phase

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