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Fermentation Tanks and brewery equipments

Introducing InnoFarms' Fermentation Tanks – a pinnacle of excellence in bioprocess technology. Our meticulously designed tanks are tailored to provide an impeccable environment for microbial growth and product development. With advanced temperature, pressure, and agitation controls, our Fermentation Tanks ensure precise conditions that yield consistent and high-quality fermentation outcomes.

These tanks find application across diverse industries including food and beverage, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and more. From crafting artisanal beverages to producing bioactive compounds, our Fermentation Tanks empower you to achieve your product goals with unmatched precision.

Versatile, quality tanks for industry growth.

At InnoFarms, we're committed to innovation that advances your fermentation processes. Our tanks offer versatility, reliability, and scalability, allowing you to optimize production at various scales. Experience the future of fermentation technology and propel your products to new heights of excellence with InnoFarms' Fermentation Tanks. Partner with us to unlock the potential of microbial transformation and elevate your industry leadership.

Fermentation tanks are available in different capacity sizes. The material is complete SS 304 construction. Both Tapper bottom and conical bottom type tanks can be customized according to individual needs. Along with Topman way and side man way. Sample, drain and racking valve​; Air sparging pipe and air lock.
Fermentation tank by Innofarms
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