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Aseptic Packaging System

Introducing Innofarms Aseptic Packaging Unit – a revolutionary solution setting new standards in packaging precision and product integrity. Our cutting-edge technology establishes an aseptic environment, ensuring each package is filled and sealed under sterile conditions, thus preserving freshness and extending shelf life. Crafted with precision engineering, our Aseptic Packaging Unit is a game-changer across various industries, including food, beverages. By safeguarding against microbial contamination, our unit upholds product safety and quality, meeting stringent regulatory standards.

At Innofarms, we are committed to pioneering innovations that elevate food safety standards.

Advanced Aseptic Filling and Packaging Technology for Enhanced Efficiency and Product Integrity

  • Works with pre-formed and pre-sterilised bags of between 3 and 500 litres.

  • Design for high and low acidity products

  • Can fill fluids, concentrates and products with particulates

  • With advanced dosing, sealing, and labeling capabilities, our technology enhances packaging efficiency while minimizing waste, fostering consumer confidence in the products they purchase.

Aseptic Packaging Machine
Aseptic Packaging machine


Flow rate: 150kg/hr or 500kg/hr

Material of construction: SS304

Packaging format: Aseptic bags (20L,50L) or pouches

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