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Heat Pump-based Dryer

Introducing InnoFarms' Heat Pump-Based Dryer – a pioneering solution for efficient and eco-friendly drying. Our advanced technology harnesses heat pump principles to deliver precise and energy-efficient drying across various industries.

Designed for optimal performance, our Heat Pump-Based Dryer ensures uniform drying while minimizing energy consumption. From food and agriculture to textiles and chemicals, our dryer offers versatility and sustainability in drying processes.

At InnoFarms, we're committed to innovation that reduces environmental impact. With our Heat Pump-Based Dryer, you gain a reliable drying solution that prioritizes efficiency, quality, and eco-conscious practices. Join us in revolutionizing drying methods and experience the future of sustainable drying with InnoFarms.

Rather than releasing warm, humid air through a dryer vent to the exterior of the home as a conventional dryer does, a heat pump dryer sends it through an evaporator to remove the moisture without losing too much heat.

Making use of a refrigerant as part of this process means less electricity is used to generate heat.

Heat pump based Dehydrator by InnoFarms

Product specification
Capacity : 500 kg/batch
Water removal rate: 300 kg/8 hours

Material of construction : SS 304
Dimension : 10 x 3 x 9 ft
Average power consumption : 3.5 kW
Weight : 1.5 ton

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