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5 Ton Per Day Aseptic Unit - Cutting-Edge 40-Feet Mobile Aseptic Unit: Pioneering Excellence in Food and Beverage Processing

  • Innovative 5TPD Design: A comprehensive solution for fruit and vegetable pulp pasteurization or sterilization with a processing capacity of 500-800kg/hour.

  • Highly Efficient Heat Exchange: Our technology ensures efficient pasteurization/sterilization while minimizing impact on product quality (organoleptic and nutritional properties).

  • Automated Systems: Includes full automatic monitoring, traceability, and Cleaning in Place (CIP) for optimal hygiene and efficiency.

5 TPD Machine front view


Capacity: 5 ton/day

Material of construction: SS304

Dimension: 40'x 8' x 8'
Power: 13 kW, 3-phase/Single phase

5 TPD Machine top view
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