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Citrus juice extractor

Introducing InnoFarms' Citrus Juice Extractor – the ultimate solution for capturing the pure essence of citrus fruits. Crafted with precision and innovation, our extractor transforms citrus fruits into vibrant, flavorful juices with unparalleled quality.

Effortless, Fresh Citrus Juice Extraction

Designed for efficiency and simplicity, our Citrus Juice Extractor effortlessly extracts juice while preserving the natural flavors and nutrients. From oranges and lemons to limes and grapefruits, our extractor ensures that every drop is bursting with freshness.

InnoFarms is dedicated to empowering the food and beverage industry with cutting-edge solutions. With our Citrus Juice Extractor, you can provide your customers with authentic, freshly extracted citrus juices that elevate taste experiences. Join us in redefining citrus processing and experience the essence of excellence with InnoFarms.

Higher yield, reduced labor

It is suitable for extracting juice from orange, lemon, lime or kinnow and other citrus fruits. This machine can separate the peels, juice, oil and seeds completely. It has a high juice yield rate and saves much labour and cost for citrus juice processing plants

Citrus juice extractor by InnoFarms

Product Specification
Capacity : 500 kg/h
Material of construction : SS 304
Dimension : 1624 x 1240 x 840 mm
Power : 1 Hp, 3-phase, 50 Hz
Weight : 150 kg

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