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5 TPD Aseptic Unit

Introducing our Cutting-Edge 40-Feet Mobile Aseptic Unit: Pioneering Excellence in Food and Beverage Processing

5 TPD aseptic unit in a container

Elevating the standards of food and beverage processing, our 40-feet mobile aseptic unit embodies the forefront of technological innovation. Merging advanced engineering with unwavering hygiene, this unit sets a new benchmark for on-the-go production under sterile conditions.

Precision-Engineered Hygiene and Unmatched Flexibility

Crafted to meet the most rigorous hygiene requirements, our mobile aseptic unit seamlessly adapts to dynamic production scenarios. The result: an environment that guarantees the utmost purity and uncompromised quality in every process.

Seamless Integration of Advanced Machinery and Controls

Empowered by cutting-edge machinery and intuitive controls, our unit offers a harmonious blend of technology and operational finesse. This synergy ensures a smooth journey from processing to packaging, and onward to secure storage for even the most delicate perishable products.

From dairy to juices, soups to sauces, our mobile aseptic unit embraces a diverse range of applications without compromising on exacting quality benchmarks. It is not just a unit; it's a promise of precision and reliability that the culinary industry can rely on.

Experience Efficiency, Mobility, and Unyielding Excellence

Discover efficiency redefined, mobility realized, and an unwavering commitment to excellence with our state-of-the-art 40-feet mobile aseptic unit. Embrace the future of food and beverage processing, where innovation meets integrity, all within the confines of this unparalleled technological masterpiece.

Capacity: 5 ton/day
Material of construction: SS304
Dimension: 40'
x 8' x 8'
Power: 13 kW, 3-phase/Single phase


Side view 5 TPD Aseptic plant
Top view 5 TPD aseptic plant
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