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About InnoFarms

InnoFarms is revolutionizing the food processing industry by providing on-farm aseptic processing of naturally ripened fruits and vegetables using our groundbreaking mobile processing unit. Our world's first aseptic processing unit in a container reduces fruit wastage, processes fruits and vegetables into aseptic pulp.  The aseptic pulp made has no added preservatives and has a shelf life of 18 months at ambient room temperature.. We are committed to providing safe and sustainable solutions for farmers and consumers.
Our Company
About Innofarms

InnoFarms is dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to the food processing industry. Our team has decades of experience in agriculture and food science, and we are passionate about creating products that benefit the environment and society.

Our Strategy
Innofarms strategy

At InnoFarms, our strategy is to provide farmers with a reliable and efficient solution for food processing. Our mobile processing unit is designed to be easy to use and maintain, and it can be deployed quickly to any location. By providing on-farm processing, we reduce transportation costs and ensure that the fruit and vegetables are processed at peak ripeness.

Safety protocol in Innofarms

We take safety seriously at InnoFarms. Our mobile processing unit is designed with safety features to protect the operators and the environment. We follow strict protocols to ensure that our products are safe for consumption, and we work closely with regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with all safety regulations.

Environment & Sustainability
Environment and sustainability by Innofarms

At InnoFarms, we are committed to sustainability. Our mobile processing unit reduces food waste and eliminates the need for preservatives or cold storage. By processing fruits and vegetables on-farm, we reduce transportation costs and carbon emissions. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and reduce our environmental impact.

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