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Aseptic Machine

Technology and Process

Our indigenous design ensure low energy cost and high yield. With its innovative ‘mini’ aseptic processing plant easily deployable at farm gate, discarded ripened fruits are transformed to pulp for use in various finished products.
Housed within a container, this solution minimizes fruit wastage, converting raw material into preservative-free aseptic fruit pulp with a shelf-life of 18 months at room temperature.

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Aseptic Packaging System

Introducing Innofarms Aseptic Packaging Unit – a revolutionary solution setting new standards in packaging precision and product integrity. Our cutting-edge technology establishes an aseptic environment, ensuring each package is filled and sealed under sterile conditions, thus preserving freshness and extending shelf life. Crafted with precision engineering, our Aseptic Packaging Unit is a game-changer across various industries, including food, beverages. By safeguarding against microbial contamination, our unit upholds product safety and quality, meeting stringent regulatory standards. The packaging unit works with pre-formed and pre-sterilised bags of between 3 and 500 litres.
The aseptic filler has been designed for high and low acidity products and can fill fluids, concentrates and products with particulates
With advanced dosing, sealing, and labeling capabilities, our technology enhances packaging efficiency while minimizing waste, fostering consumer confidence in the products they purchase.
At Innofarms, we are committed to pioneering innovations that elevate food safety standards.

Flow rate: 150kg/hr or 500kg/hr
Material of construction: SS304
Packaging format: Aseptic bags (20L,50L) or pouches

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5 TPD Aseptic Unit - Cutting-Edge 40-Feet Mobile Aseptic Unit: Pioneering Excellence in Food and Beverage Processing

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Capacity: 5 ton/day
Material of construction: SS304

Dimension: 40'x 8' x 8'

Power: 13 kW, 3-phase/Single phase

Introducing our innovative 5TPD design, a comprehensive solution for manufacturers to complete food pasteurisation or sterilising along with an aseptic filler at a capacity rate of 500 to 800kg of product per hour. Utilizing our heat exchanger technology means that highly efficient pasteurization or sterilization can be achieved; while any undesired side effects from the thermal treatment on the organoleptic or nutritional properties of the product are minimized. Depending on the products to be treated, corrugated tube heat exchangers with other options such as air removal can be specified.
Full automatic monitoring and traceability systems are included as standard and the entire system benefits from automatic Cleaning in Place (CIP) systems. Furthermore, no chemicals are required for product sterilization

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1 TPD Aseptic Unit

Welcome to InnoFarms' Aseptic Unit – a pioneering solution poised to revolutionize product preservation and quality assurance. Our small-scale 150kg/hr processing plant is designed to cater to small batch sizes without compromising on quality, making it ideal for processing short harvest season fruits with ease.
Crafted to Surpass Industry Standards
Our solution is engineered to surpass industry standards, offering unparalleled performance across a wide range of applications, from beverages to dairy and sauces, leveraging advanced aseptic technology.
Unleashing the Power of Preservation
By harnessing the power of preservation, our Aseptic Unit delivers a dual advantage – it extends shelf life while meticulously maintaining the sensory attributes that define your product's quality.
Customize according to your need, can be factory/farm mounted or can be a mobile processing plant on the back of a truck.

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Product specification
Capacity : 1 ton per day
Material of construction : SS 304
Dimension : 20' X 8' X 8'
Power : 5 kW, 3-phase/Single phase

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